Tips For Playing Backgammon Online

  • Learn to play the game well. Learn the set moves listed. They will help you get to grips with Game.

  • As a new member, before playing your first game, spectate on other people's games to pick up the ropes.

  • Chose your opponents wisely. Around your own standard is best at first.

  • As a beginner play on slower games. Fast games will seem too difficult.

  • Try not to get into online chat. If you want to play to improve your skills then chatting on Backgammon sites are not a good idea. Avoid people who want to chat. They are probably trying to distract you.

  • There are time limits between moves. Make sure you play your move in the time limit set. If you fail to move in time you will forfeit the game.

  • Play for fun at first before you commit to play for money. When you feel confident then give the money play a shot.

  • Watch the game closely and concentrate and know what sort of position you are in at all times. This will help you when accepting the cube or not.

  • Accept and decline the cube (double) wisely. You can easily lose a lot of money but win a lot of money also.

  • When playing for money, use the cube (double) to your advantage. If you are in a great position, use it to double your stakes. When accepting a double (cube) it’s best to decline if you are in a bad position. You will only lose the amount of points of the cube originally and not risk losing anymore.

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