Mahjong Time Review

Mahjong is a popular skilled game that originates from China. It’s very much like Gin Rummy but with an oriental twist. There are two versions of Mahjong. There is the original Chinese version and the online Mahjong Hong Kong version.

At Mahjong Time they provide their customers a fantastic service that suits the online Mahjong enthusiast to a tee. The customers can either choose to play for fun or try their luck and play for real money. There is no download at Mahjong time like other gambling websites. Mahjong Time comes in a flash format with no download required. It’s also very easy to join with no fuss. All the mahjong player needs to do is provide a username and password and they are automatically signed up to play.

Once the player has learned how to play Mahjong, then playing at Mahjong time is quite straightforward. The player can either, set up their own game and invite people to play or join a game waiting to be played. Playing for fun is recommended before playing for real money. It gains the mahjong player valuable experience. Tournaments are also a major draw. They are played on a regular basis along with jackpot games.

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Mahjong time has a Chinese format, which gets the player in the mood straight away, from oriental symbols to Chinese music. The graphics are stylish and over all themes are excellent. The system is fast and efficient and has very few server problems, which is important when playing against people, especially in tournaments. Mahjong time, like most online gaming sites pride themselves on a round the clock excellent customer service facility. Online transactions for deposits and withdrawals are safe and secure and they use most online banking facilities.

If the player is a beginner or they know the basic rules of Mahjong but want to learn how to play further then the newcomer’s online Mahjong tutorial and demo is a great feature. The demo guides the customer through the process of the game. The tutorial teaches the customer the game rules and everything they need to know about playing online Mahjong. There are many other features at Mahjong Time. There is a chat feature where players can talk to each other while a game is in progress. Players can make new friends and get to know their competition. All players have their own user information, which they can edit at their own discretion. All the players can view this feature. Also, there is a ratings system where players compete for the coveted top spot. It adds to the competition and gives the players a goal to play for.

If you like Mahjong and want to be part of an online Mahjong community then Mahjong Time is the place to be.

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